OHBowl Oral Hygiene Dog Bowl Black Large

The world's first oral hygiene dog bowl.

Keep your pet healthy with this uniquely designed food bowl.

Designed with silicone tips across the base of the bowl prevents hairballs, bad breath and oral health.

  • Silicone tips across the base
  • Catches hair and hairballs from pets tongue.
  • The specially designed tongue cleaner gently scrapes odour-causing bacteria off the tongue, and stimulate saliva production for a whole mouth clean
  • The OHBowl integrates a daily pet oral care regime seamlessly into your life.
  • Use every day to serve your pet's meals and help maintain good oral hygiene in your dog
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean by hand
Made from non-toxic durable plastic with a non-skid base for better eating ease

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